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Why Choose the Super Team?
Judy & Mitch

  • Care About their Clients Needs. Judy and Mitch actual look out for their clients needs. They search for the homes which best fits the needs and wishes of their clients not the quickest sale for their clients. Judy & Mitch walk thru the homes with clients helping them each step of the way pointing our things about the homes both good and bad to their clients to help them make a more informed decision. They actually hold their client's hands each step of the way to make the buying process easier and less intimidating.
  • Are Informed and Knowledgeable. They take continuing education classes regularly to stay abreast of current real estate laws and trends. They also work closely with several home inspectors to insure they are very savvy on many areas of the home and better prepared to help their clients make decisions and to point out certain home related concerns or maintenance considerations to their clients. They also work closely with several lenders and real estate attorneys to make sure they stay current as it relates to contract law and lending issues which might affect their clients.
  • Work a Larger Area Then Most Realtors. Most realtors specialize in a small given area, usually one subdivision, and are not familiar with other areas. Consequently when a client wants to purchase a home outside that area the agent is outside their comfort zone and is not able to fully support the client's needs. Judy and Mitch work all over Montgomery, Howard & Frederick counties and will work other areas upon request. They are very familiar with all of these areas including schools, shopping, congestion, commuting, etc. and are able to more effectively assist their clients in finding homes in a larger area then most agents.
  • Are Buyers Agents. Almost all of Judy & Mitch's clients prefer to sign with them as Buyer's Agents. It is their advantage. The seller pays the commission and Judy and Mitch do not require the perspective purchasers to pay any additional commission above what the buyer has agreed to pay. Once a perspective purchaser signs a Buyer Broker agreement Judy and Mitch's financial obligation and responsibility is to support and help the buyer. If not their financial duties are to support each seller. It always makes good business sense for every perspective purchaser to sign a Buyer Broker agreement. They have nothing to loose and everything to gain. They want an agent like Judy & Mitch working for them and not the sellers.
  • Utilize all necessary Resources. When a purchaser needs help from an agent, whether it be to fix something in their new home, or a lender to help make their new purchase actually happen, a home inspector to check out their future home, a painter or a carpet person for their new home or an attorney to settle on their new home Judy and Mitch have numerous professional contacts that they have worked with for years. People who they use themselves, people you can count on.
  • Two Full Time Agents. It is great to be able to count on two full time agents to assist you when needed. You can't always count on other agent's assistants but you can count on both Judy & Mitch.
  • Have Great Reputation. Judy & Mitch have great reputations in the Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan areas, in both the real estate and non real estate arenas.
  • Work with Relocation Companies. They have numerous contacts with relocation companies and a familiar with the procedures working with them.
  • Make it Easier for Clients When Showing Homes. After searching homes for their clients from a pre-arrangement selection criteria Judy & Mitch will either email or fax listings to their clients for their review. Once their clients reviews these listings and discusses them with either Judy or Mitch a time will be scheduled to actually tour some to these homes. Pictures and information about each home will be generated for each client and given at the time they are touring the homes. A picture of the home and a place to take notes while touring the home is always helpful to our clients.

  If you are ready to look for a new home, feel free to call the Super Team of Judy and Mitch Milstein, anytime, at (301) 774-3045 or you can email us at, We have also included a form where you can request information from us by email.

The Super Team of Judy & Mitch Milstein
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